CBD Living Freeze is infused with 250mg of full-spectrum CBD per 88mL bottle. When applied, CBD freeze mimics the application of ice, increasing blood flow to the affected area. Users can apply CBD Living Freeze directly to the affected area, allowing targeting of problem areas.This CBD Living Freeze also incorporates other natural ingredients such as Arnica and Tea Tree Oil. What is CBD Freeze? CBD Living Freeze is a gel infused with 250mg of full-spectrum CBD that can be applied locally to muscles. Due to the use of nano-CBD technology, the CBD topical is quickly absorbed through the skin.CBD Living Freeze is hypoallergenic and 100% safe for external use.CBD Living Freeze contains 250mg of CBD (cannabidiol) extracted from organic hemp. The CBD in CBD Living Freeze is non-psychoactive cannabidiol and will not produce any sensations of being “high.”It is an excellent addition to first aid kits and any gym bag.CBD Living Freeze absorbs quickly and leaves no residue behind.Why buy from us? The products made in our company are purely natural and lab-tested. All products have been independently tested for accuracy and potency.Every batch of CBD-infused products is required to pass through strict quality assurance processes to ensure a clean, consistent, and high-quality product each time. Our CBD is sourced from natural hemp, free from the use of pesticides and any unnatural ingredients. Why and how is it used? The roll-on applicator is specially designed so that an individual can easily apply it to the area of discomfort. The external application of CBD Living Freeze makes it easy to target specific areas.  Usage Some important directions should be followed when using the product.	Shake the product well before each use.	Only apply 1-2 pumps to the affected area.	Don’t use CBD Freeze more than 3-4 times a day.	Massaging the product on the skin is not necessary.	For children under two years of age, please consult with your physician.	CBD Living Freeze has no serious side effects, and you can start or stop taking it at any time. For maximum results, use it daily.

CBD Living Freeze

  • Each 88mL CBD Living Freeze bottle contains:

    • 250mg full-spectrum hemp extracts
    • Natural Menthol
    • Aloe Vera Extract
    • Arnica Montana Extract
    • Ilex Leaf Extract
    • Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Tea Tree Oil
    • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
    • Water

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